The Five Secrets you must discover before you die - John Izzo, PhD

John Izzo's The Five Secrets you must discover before you die is one of those books that once you've picked up, you wouldn't want to put down. John interviews over 200 people that have lived their life, and are in their final quarter. The secrets you take away from this book goes beyond just the five points that he mentions. What really matters are the stories, the quotes, the wisdom that transcends these five pointers that makes it such a worthwhile read.

It's definitely a book worth reading in depth for those who are reflecting on their lives, and which will allow a glimpse of the thoughts that may run through your mind when you're 65 and above.

It puts life in perspective. It made me rethink my existing values and life ethos, and putting myself in the shoes of 65 year old me, allowed me to redefine the way I want to live my life at my present age of 29, to the end of my life. I know one day I'll look back on this reflection and be like "This is probably one of the most insightful books that I've read, and it's defined the way I've lived my life since".

Here are the five points, and I hope if you have the time, pick this up and have a read. It's absolutely worth it:

be true to yourself

Leave no regrets

Become Love

Live the moment

Give more than you take

John sums it up towards the end of his book really well, about how to "Die Well". This truly takes the cake as it's a summary of all the quintessential wisdom of the book.

Truly a book worth reading if you want to reflect on life. There's no better time than now indeed. I leave you with a quote -

"If you are unhappy, get busy doing something for someone else. If you concentrate on yourself you will be unhappy, but if you focus on helping others you will find happiness. Happiness comes from serving and loving"
- Juana Bordas, Author, 64 (Book printed in 2008)
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