Quotable Quotes: On Deadlines

It’s better to create your own deadlines than for others to create them for you.

This allows it to not only be realistic and attainable, but we have the opportunity to express our self-discipline and self-management capabilities to those who expect an outcome from the tasks at hand.

If you ever find yourself rushing for deadlines constantly, feeling a gut-wrenching feeling that something needs to be done NOW, then you might just be living in the “Urgent/Important” Quadrant, or as per Dr. Stephen Covey’s Quadrant I life.

Let us strive to live in Quadrant II, where a bulk of our tasks are Not-Urgent/Important - this allows us the MARGINS to be able to build relationships, focus on things beyond the tasks that would allow it to be achieved successfully because there is an opportunity to build greater around it.

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