Questions Leaders Ask to Find Margin - John Maxwell Executive Leadership Podcast

This episode of the podcast was too good not to share. In an age where everyone's talking about Mental Wellness, Resilience and Psychological Aid - one of the little things that we can do as leaders is to role-model the way, and find margin. This protected time for your mental well being could make such a huge difference in the lives of those you lead, and your own.

What spoken to me was that, in the Hussle and bustle of life, we need to take time to also ask ourselves and reflect on MARGIN. Do we give ourselves Margin in our Work, and more importantly our LIVES?

Some questions that stood out which I highly recommend reflecting on if you need MARGIN in your lives:


- Have I pre-populated my calendar with my priorities? (Urgent/Important Matrix)

- Have I built a team that can do the 80%, so you can spend time on your 20%?

- Have I established clear boundaries, and a clear start-stop time for my work?


- What time do I go to sleep & get out of bed? Does this work for me?

- Is your morning routine working for or against you?

- Have you learnt about the Yes-No paradox? When you say yes to something, you're saying no to something else.

- How good are you at saying NO to things that might seem nice to do but only because you have a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)?

Highly recommended listen because what you read is only about the 20% of what you'll get from the podcast, less the energy, the gravitas and the impact from the learning.

Enjoy this podcast! It'll be worth your 20 minutes for a lifetime of happiness, because the only real resource that we have in our lives - is time. Protect it.

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