PESTLE Analysis - A brief overview

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

PESTLE Analysis is not a new acronym. It's been used across a multitude of functions - marketing, consultancy, business reviews etc. There are a host of articles online that have written about this but as a quick review, PESTLE is great for analyzing the external factors that contribute to the greater ecosystem to organizations, and ultimately their people.

The PESTLE Acronym provides a varied perspective, and from the video you would have learnt, also a diagnostic tool, of an organization:

Political - anything that might affect governments and its function

Economic - fiscal policies, and all indicators to both macro & micro considerations that may affect the business

Social - Culture, trends, social norms, buying habits etc.

Technology - Technological advancements like hardware & software (AI, Robotics etc)

Legal - laws, legislatures that are constantly updated i.e. Health & Safety, Personal Data

Environmental - covers both sustainability, CSR, and how it affects everything business i.e. supply chain, manufacturing etc.

Diving deep with PESTLE will provide a holistic picture of the statistics and variables that may affect business and is synergistic with the use of SWOT Analysis.

Here's an example of how this brilliant resource has conducted a PESTLE on NINTENDO !

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