Margaret Neale: Negotiation: Getting What You Want

Margaret Neale is an Adam's Distinguished Prof. of Management. She talks about the art of Negotiation in this video and the techniques we can all take away, quite simply, on how to proceed with basic negotiation techniques to potentially not just get a deal, but a GOOD DEAL.

Here's the 4 things we can think about whilst negotiating:

(1) Assess the situation - do I have influence on the situation? What are the potential benefits Vs Costs, Does the benefits outweigh the cost;

(2) Assess - What am I getting out of this? What are my counterparts getting out of this, preference and interest?

(3) Engage "The Ask" - Opportunities to negotiate, you have information that your counterparts do not have i.e. your perspective, power, ownership;

(4) Package - do not negotiate issue by issue, as they're adversarial. Package issues, so that they can be traded from one issue to another. Use IF... and THEN.... IF I GIVE YOU THIS, THEN YOU GIVE ME THAT.

Have fun negotiating!

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