Hypnotic Selling Techniques - Dr Donald Moine

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Here's the link to the full hypnotic selling techniques article website.

Dr Donald Moine's 10 hot tips in hypnotic selling techniques. Reading it is one thing, internalising and performing it is what we should strive for. Here goes!

(1) Master Self-Hypnosis

(2) Sell on dreams

(3) Paint vivid word pictures

(4) Learn the instant replay technique

(5) Use hypnotic affirmations

(6) Utilise the power of repetition

(7) Tell hypnotic stories

(8) Use hypnotic sales scripts

(9) Build Trust - always

(10) Use intraverbal intonations

And that's the 10 brief steps of hypnotic selling. For more details, read on directly from the link as each point holds the key to a few NLP techniques. Application is key!

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