Carl Rogers' Core Conditions - a prelude to counselling & the 7 step process

I’ve recently started listening in to The Counselling Tutor podcast on spotify and was intrigued by all the theory shared. An incredibly in-depth look at psychology, counselling and its practice.

This round, we’re looking at the 6 core conditions by Carl Rogers’, a summary of The counselling tutor’s website:

In Summary, the 6 core conditions are:

  1. Psychological contact: Psychological contact between counsellor and client

  2. Incongruence (of client): The client is incongruent (anxious or vulnerable)

  3. Congruence (of counsel): The counsellor is congruent

  4. Empathy (of counsel): The client receives empathy from the counsellor

  5. Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR of counsel): The counsellor shows unconditional positive regard towards the client

  6. Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR of client):The client perceives acceptance and unconditional positive regard.

As per the site, here are some important notes before counselling can proceed:

Psychological contact (condition 1) can be made only if the client is capable of giving informed consent.

Barriers to this could be severe mental health issues such as active psychosis, severe learning difficulties, or attending under the influence of drugs, alcohol or prescribed medication.

Incredible amount of learning and highly recommended if you have a keen interest in this space!

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