Accusation Audits during Negotiations

"Get the elephant in the room into the picture!" - Chris Voss, Top FBI Negotiator & Author

  • Get the elephant in the room to the surface. This helps bring the emotion into existence in your counterpart. This allows them to think about the emotion and diminishes the elephant. Causing them to speak up more.

  • Audit ALL NEGATIVITY - names, feelings, situations.

  • You can use the "It feels like..."; "It seems like..."; "It sounds like..." (LABELLING) together with the Accusation Audit Technique.

  • Accusation audit gives prior "accusation" to self, to disarm your counterpart, so that you label their emotion/negativity and are now able to move things forward i.e. "You may feel that I'm the worst guest ever... (PAUSE)" "But I'm going to need to request for a late check-out." - this makes them create a bunch of negative scenarios in their heads, which will help with the expectation. (USE THIS FOR GOOD)

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