5 Levels of Leadership - a John Maxwell Framework (Level 3 - Production)

Have you ever felt a state of FLOW, not just within yourself but as a team? Everyone struts with confidence, knowing exactly what they need to do, to get the results that matter. They have clarity in purpose, and people around them comment on the AURA that they exude?

Moving on to Level 3 of the 5 levels of John Maxwell's leadership framework - PRODUCTION!

Having been in high performance teams, this is where it gets exciting, when Momentum builds and the team moves like a well oiled machine. every cog and wheel knows WHY they do what they do, and the end results that they're after.

This can only happen when foundationally a trust has been built, your teammates are looking out for each other, having earnest and honest feedback where required, poking the problem and not individuals.

This is where it gets exciting, and this is where we want to build the team towards as a baseline.

Everything is a process, we have to go through the first two stages with every individual that comes on board, but if you're hiring right, and influencing right, your people will get there in a jiffy.

Check out the reflection below and spend 5-10 minutes just pondering over it, it could be a life-changer both to yourself & your team!

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