5 Levels of Leadership - a John Maxwell Framework (Level 2 - Permission)

"Loving someone is giving them the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to." - Julianne Moore

I start off with this quote because just like any relationship, leadership is a relationship with the people around you.

At this stage, there is a certain level of trust that has been built and your team is giving you PERMISSION to lead. John Maxwell nailed this well as many thought-leaders in the field like Patrick Lencioni in his book on Five Dysfunctions of a team, speaks about the most basic dysfunction of a lack of trust, Without this, there will be a lot of in-fighting both visible and non-visible, potentially leading to high attrition rates.

In order for trust to be built, leaders must begin with heart and not head, find out what matters to your team mates and build rapport, trust and unconditionally give.

This builds a wealthy Emotional Bank Account which will serve you well when you least expect it.

Larson and LaFasto (1989) argued that four elements are needed in trust building: honesty, openness, consistency and respect. Without one of these dimensions, trust can fray or even break. An interesting article which may relate to building trust in High-Performing teams can be read here.

Here's a summary of what Level 2 looks like, and feel free to pick up on some of the reflection questions to help you look inward on your own leadership journey.

May you be Blessed with an abundance of relationships that would allow you to grow both inwardly as a person and outwardly as a leader!

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