5 Habits to try in 2021

This video by Evan Carmichael will start your year right! (Check him out on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/user/ModelingTheMasters)

You're going to get incredible value from this video. Wisdom coming from Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar to name the few.

To break it down, the 5 things you want to do to get more productive are:

  1. Create Systems that are going to get you productive - Start with FOCUS and BUILDING HABITS like the way you brush your teeth in the morning

  2. Set GOALS - You choose what you become, so set SMART goals and work towards it

  3. Only do 5 things a day - but make sure they're of your top-priority. This gives you laser sharp focus. That's a good 25 solid tick-offs in your 5 day work week.(if you work 5 days)

  4. Manager your Activities, not your time (because Time can't be managed) - It's what we do in the 24 hours that each of us have each day that will make us hyper-productive.

  5. Structure your goal as a question - then answer it. 20 times. By the time you're at your 20th answer, you're likely to already have an in-depth solution to your goal. An example would be "How can I earn $100,000 in a year?" You're going to find at least 5 ways to do this

Michael puts it succinctly, you only have 35% of follow-through if you watch the video, but 91% chance of follow through if you chart out your plan of ACTION. Go practice one of the strategies TODAY and see your life improve quickly.

Yours in Learning,


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