What is Learn In Summary?

Learn In Summary is a site that was created for the busy professional that wants to learn on the go. To get better, both professionally and personally. It's a summary of different concepts, media and books, which will provide insights into becoming a better you. Take this journey with us and become better, daily. Feel free to browse around the site and pick-up articles, videos, infographics that you may find useful in your personal growth. We hope you will benefit from this greatly! Do give us a shout-out or feedback at our socials, email or chatbot below!

Welcome note from your Learning Partner

Hi Readers,

I know you must be wondering, who's the person behind these articles? Why should you even care about what I do? Well, my name is Ian, and I've been in the field of learning for over a decade now. I've always had a keen interest in sharing key concepts from a variety of sources. I believe knowledge should be democratized and more importantly practiced in everyday life. I believe that if we want to change the world, be it in the workplace or at home, it starts with us.


It's a joy to have you on this journey of making ourselves better. A better leader, follower and person. I'm inspired daily by the work of the numerous thought-leaders that surround us and my hope for you, is as you learn, that you take away some of these concepts and make them your own. Help others believe, support them, care for them, sharpen them.


I look forward to your unlimited success!  

To your exponential growth,

Ian L. Choo